Monday, May 16, 2016

Class recommendations

Take guests to the classroom to hear their retelling and recommendations of books is a way of showing that reading is an activity many people do and enjoy.
            They can invite another teacher, a parent or guardian, a narrator or writer so that they can also share their stories and favorite books with the students.

1.      Many times, hearing a reading out loud - a story, a poem, a biography, a chapter from a novel, etc. - gives students the opportunity to access texts that are more complex than their own reading levels.  This enriches their knowledge and is a shared way of enjoying literature.
Periodically, read to the students out loud and motivate them to, at the end of the hour, comment on how they feel about what they heard.
To prepare this activity, it is convenient to:
1.      Select readings adequate for the reading level of the students
2.      Prepare the reading beforehand
3.      Define words the students may not recognize
4.      Read expressively, making sure the intonation goes accordingly with the reading
2. Shared reading consists in the students reading a common text out loud with the teacher.  This exercise is an opportunity to show fluidity and expressive reading, especially in readers that are just beginning.