Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Reading journals

By writing, students give depth to their reading experiences and start to relate what they read to what they live and experience for themselves.  You can invite your students to keep a reading journal.  This journal would be used all year long.  In it, you could ask students to write about what most interested them about each chapter in the book they are reading, focusing on connecting that to an experience they may have had or what they would do in a similar situation. Then, you can ask them to share what they write during reading hour.
2.  For students, a way of recognizing the importance of reading is by becoming authors themselves and experiencing their own creativity.
You can use reading hour to do activities that go with this theme like:
            -rewriting a story in a class setting
            -rewriting the end of a story and changing the main character's destiny
            -writing poetry in a specific structure
            -writing a letter to the author of a book they liked proposing ideas for a sequel
3. A great incentive for getting involved in literature is having someone to share it with.
You can prepare a reading party with a special guest - the school principal, a teacher, family member, or an important person for the community - to make it a special event.  The purpose of this activity is to have each student prepare a piece to read to an audience that is interested in this special event.
4.  Going further than the text is a good opportunity for the enrichment of the reader's experience.  Moreover, this type of activities lets students discuss what they read in groups.
Here are some alternate activities you can do with your students during reading hour:
-creating a play out of a story by writing a script, creating a wardrobe, and a set
-put the characters in the story on trial
-make sculptures that represent the character's personalities
-make advertisements to publicize the book
-illustrate a story or turn it into a comic strip
-buy the movie that goes with the book

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